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Department of Colorectal Surgery at

West Middlesex University Hospital


Services available in the department


All forms of colorectal surgery are offered within the department. All consultant surgeons have a large interest in colorectal cancer and each manage approximately 30 new bowel cancer patients each per year. Mr Smith has a specialist interest in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn's Disease & Ulcerative Colitis) and offers Ileal Pouch Surgery as do Mr Dawson & Ms Thava. All Consultant surgeons in the department perform laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery for most colorectal disorders.

All consultant surgeons perform the full range of general surgical procedures and manage emergency general surgery and colorectal surgery admissions to the hospital.

The department regularly contributes the results of its cancer surgery to The National Bowel Cancer Audit Programme and has successfully passed all of its peer review processes for cancer services in the last 10-years. We also contribute data to the National Ileal Pouch Registry and the Royal College of Physicians Inflammatory Bowel Disease Audit.

Nursing Services

The department of colorectal surgery has three specialist nurses, two in stoma care and one colorectal nurse specialist.

For advice and information on any aspect of stoma care or bowel disease and its treatment please contact one of the nurses.

Appointments to see the Colorectal CNS can be made through the department, telephone 020 8321 5972/6839/5892. The CNS is available in outpatient clinics at the West Middlesex Hospital. For appointments with the stoma care nurses please call their direct line: 020 8321 5822

Key Worker

The colorectal team offers all patients a key worker. This person is responsible for ensuring that you receive all the information that you need during your treatment and for coordinating your care. Your key worker will also be your point of contact should you have any questions or concerns.

Multidisciplinary Team

Your case (if cancer ort inflammatory bowel disease) is discussed at the multidisciplinary team meeting, which is held once a week. This team comprises of all of the doctors, nurses, oncologists and pathologists who are involved in your care. The results of all of your investigations are discussed and a treatment plan is decided. A record of this discussion and contact details for each member of the team are available from your consultant or Key Worker should you wish to see it.

The purpose of the MDT is to ensure that decisions about your treatment involve all the relevant specialists.

Planning your treatment is likely to require a number of investigations, some of which are discussed below:


Your doctor or nurse may request that you undergo a colonoscopy procedure. This is where a camera is passed through the back passage and around the large bowel to help determine the cause of your symptoms. The Endoscopy Department is on the ground floor of the East Wing, West Middlesex Hospital. The contact number for appointments or information is, 020 8321 5752

The Sister in charge of the unit is Sister Sheila Tanner. She or one of the other endoscopy unit staff will be happy to provide you with any additional information you may require concerning your endoscopy procedure.

Clinical Imaging

It may be necessary for you to undergo and x-ray or scan as part of your investigations. The clinical imaging (x-ray) department is situated on the ground floor of the main building, West Middlesex Hospital. The contact number for appointments or information is, 020 8321 5872. Staff will be happy to provide you with any additional information you may require concerning your test.

MRI Imaging

The MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) department is situated at the back of the hospital and can be accessed via Hepple Close or by walking through the main building, and out the back through the Marjory Warren Unit. The contact number for appointments or information is, 020 8321 6565. Staff there will be happy to provide you with further information regarding your MRI scan.

Pre-assessment Clinic

If you require surgery, prior to your admission you will be required to attend the pre-assessment clinic. This is where routine checks can be made prior to admission for surgery. The number to contact is 020 8321 5358.

Admission to Hospital

Most patients are admitted to Richmond Surgical Unit. The contact number for the ward is: 020 8321 5340/5343.
You will be contacted on the day of admission to inform you where your allocated bed is. Almost all patients are admitted through the day surgical unit on the day of their surgery and go to the ward (Richmond or Syon) immediately post-op.

Nutrition & Dietetics

Your doctor or nurse may wish you to see a dietician to discuss aspects of your diet or nutritional requirements. The department is situated opposite the East Wing building in the Renal Unit. The contact number for appointments and information is:
020 8321 5416.

Oncology Treatments

If your condition requires oncology treatments (i.e. radiotherapy, chemotherapy) you will be referred to the Consultant Oncologist.

For some treatments it will be necessary for you to go to either Charing Cross Hospital or Hammersmith Hospital but some chemotherapy treatment can be given in the Oncology Day Unit based at The West Middlesex Hospital. For further information on this unit please ask your key worker.

Macmillan Nursing Services

If you require access to the Macmillan nursing service the West Middlesex the contact details are:-

Macmillan Nurse Specialist in Cancer and Palliative Care
Tel: 020 8321 6822

Spiritual Support

The West Middlesex Hospital has a multi-faith centre providing all patients with spiritual support according to their needs.
The Centre is located on the ground floor of the main building opposite pharmacy.
Tel: 020 8321 5447

Cancer Support & Information

The Mulberry Centre is located in the grounds of the West Middlesex Hospital. The centre provides information and support for patients with cancer and their carers as well as complimentary therapies. A leaflet describing the centre and its services is available from your key worker.


National charity organisations aim to raise awareness of bowel cancer and its treatment as well as raising funds to help patients and their carers. The leading bowel cancer charities are:

Beating Bowel Cancer
39 Crown Road
St. Margarets
Middlesex TW1 3EJ Tel. 020 8892 5256


Bowel Cancer UK
7 Rickett Street
London SW6 1RU Tel. 08708 50 60 50


MacMillan Cancer Support

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